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Readings for : The Most Holy Trinity Sunday.

Our Readings: Exodus 34: 4b-6,8-9;

Psalm Daniel 3:52-55;

2 Cor.13:11-13;

John 3:16 – 18

Today we celebrate The Most Holy Trinity. With our ancestor in faith, Abraham and our brothers and sisters of the Jewish Faith, we believe in One God. In our Catholic Faith we believe in One God in Three Persons.

Person is described as one who has the capacity of Reason, Morality and Consciousness. You can see God is not seen as a mindless force, but one of order and purpose.

The Father; the source of life itself, the source of everything created. You know sometimes we think that God punishes or destroys, but that is not the nature of God. God gives life, always willing to forgive and restore life. Yes there are consequences. When we break the laws of gravity there is a consequence, but God isn’t interested in destruction and death. God desires LIFE.

The Son; we use the word Consubstantial. It means that Jesus is one in being with the Father, Jesus is not another God. The Incarnation is when the Father took up our human nature in the person of Jesus Christ. The purpose for that was to show us, as human beings we CAN live a life according to the commandments. As human beings we can obey God in the Garden of Life. Jesus came and accomplished redemption. He restored our original purpose; to live with God forever.

The Holy Spirit; this is the Person of God that shares Divine life with us through Baptism and Confirmation. The Holy Spirit continues to guide and direct our lives in union with God. The Trinity is indeed a great mystery. Words are not enough, but our Faith in One God in Three Persons is a God who loves us, restores us and shares life with us forever.

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen


One thing I love about God is, he’ll bring you out of situations you got yourself into,

and won’t hold it against you





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May 4, 2020 - Keeping in Touch with Our Parishioners

The global coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the requirement for people to keep in touch electronically. Although Our Lady of the Lakes provides up-to-date information on this website and their OLOL Facebook page, we are not yet able to "push" information to our parishioners. We will need to provide important, timely information to our members about the re-opening of our Church and the social distancing process, new or changed Mass times, communications from our Pastor, event schedules and other news.

To make this happen, we are planning an email campaign to send a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter to our parishioners. Of course, this will require us to collect all of their email addresses. Obviously, we can't just make an announcement from the altar or put a notice in the bulletin.

We are asking that you send your name and email address to Henry Beary, the Parish Council Chairman, who will maintain an email database. We are also asking that you use word-of-mouth and email to get the message to your family, friends and neighbors who attend OLOL. We emphasize that email addresses will not be shared and will never be used for any purpose other than sending OLOL information.

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions for improving this process.

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